Rayan and Carms: One of a Kind ☺

Rayan and Carms: One of a Kind ☺

Rayan and Carms: One of a Kind ☺

They are one of our cute couples =) and their love story is one of a kind. Thank you so much Rayan and Carms for sharing us your story. We feel blessed upon meeting you and choosing us to cover your big day!

And let me start this love story by saying, graduation picture can give you a groom! 🙂 That was really the start of their love story. Carms had a previous dorm mate. It happened that Carms gave her graduation picture and Rayan eventually saw it. Rayan insisted Carms’ friend to introduce him to her. The first time they met, Rayan gave Carms a cute stuff toy named Angel. He tried badminton, and always visiting Carms in Cavite (by the way, Rayan is from Quezon City) and even pleased Carms’ sister. He wrote poems for her and give her stuff toys with different sizes and funny names.

We can say that it was one of a kind because of these proposals… I say it with “S” because of proposal plans ( yes, he had many attempts). First, he planned to buy a ring in Kuala Lumpur. After one week of searching for the perfect ring, oh no… he didn’t knew what is her ring’s size? Second, he went to Hongkong. He spent his free time looking for a perfect place to propose. But when it’s time to propose, Carms got dizzy. Third one was on the Valentines Day, he bought a perfect bouquet of pink roses and made a perfect plan for a date … but eventually the perfect TRAFFIC made it perfectly fail!

A few months after the third attempt, Rayan planned to propose again. (Keep on fighting! LOL) Rayan asked Carms for a movie date ( GI Joe at Moa). Hahahaha! Rayan didn’t realize that it (GI Joe Movie) was one week earlier on its showing date but one good thing… Carms didn’t realized that! As they saw the MOA Eye (big ferris wheel), Rayan invited Carms to try that. While looking the starry skies, Rayan went on his knees, and gave his lines and the engagement ring. (FINALLY! lol!) And the rest was history….

We pray and wish happiness for both of you. We hope you are the ones form the story that says- “Happily Ever After”. Took place at Linden Suites Hotel, Sanctuario de San Antonio, Makati and The Glass Garden, Marikina City.
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