Brian + Sovan’s Cinematic Wedding Trailer “She’s my support..”

Brian + Sovan's Cinematic Wedding Trailer "She's my support.."

Brian + Sovan’s Cinematic Wedding Trailer “She’s my support..”

Love this couple so much as well as the couple that introduced us to them. Yep. Sovan is Sonam’s sister. A couple that we filmed just a few months beforehand. We clicked pretty instantly with them through our first meeting just getting to know them as a couple and the rest as they say is history. We just love this family because they are so lovely and appreciate what we do so much, so thank you for giving us the great opportunity to work with you great people 🙂

Brian and Sovan had their beautiful wedding ceremony in Centennial Park. The day was lovely full of loving family, friends and vendors 😛 But what we really love is the smallest details on their wedding day. For example, love the hand written symbol on their invitation that you can have a look at the end of the film ( the ring shot ). They are avid snowboarding fans and we love how the picture tells you that little story about them. LOVE the bomboniere that they prepared for the guests. It was a cancer donation pin that I still keep up until today. Its just such a thoughtful thing to do for your wedding and I haven’t seen that anywhere else so huge props to them for that. We also love Brian for getting up and sing for his beautiful wife. We joked with Sovan in the morning of the wedding prep about whether there is a possibility of Brian doing something crazy to surprise her and Sovan straight away answered “no way! he hates attention” But hey, you can do crazy things when you’re in love.. so here is Sovan and Brian’s trailer, hope you like it 🙂

PS: Massive thank you to “US” the young and talented band that we support wholeheartedly for the first song in this film “I will wait for you” Please check out their songs on iTunes 🙂 and of course, the legendary Kerry Muzzey for the beautiful intstrumental

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