Lorena Got Engaged to Little Black Submarines

Lorena Got Engaged to Little Black Submarines

Lorena Got Engaged to Little Black Submarines

Here’s what’s happening in the video:
I arranged a surprise gig to propose to my girlfriend. We were going to get a beer in town.
Meanwhile, our friends were hiding in the bars nearby.
I had set up a piano in the street with a sign that said “feel free to play me”.
I told her that I wanted to play a new song for her which I had just learned.
My brother’s band, who were sitting in the café next to the piano, joined me in the chorus.
While they played on, I walked over and proposed to her, but instead of a ring, she received a key to the lock of a new bicycle made for the occasion.
All our friends and parents sprung out and marched in for hugs and kisses.

A HUGE thanks to:
My brother Jerko and his band Adastra (http://youtube.com/watch?v=drMG7J-MHRs) for rehearsing, performing and providing the equipment;
Žarko from Klinika (http://facebook.com/klinikaservis) for the awesome bike;
Goran and Iva from Mihoci Photography (http://mihoci.com) for the sharp video footage;
Mlaxx for the cool behind-the-scenes footage;
Jazz Saletović Photography (http://facebook.com/JazzSaletovicPhotography) for the marvelous stills;
History caffe (http://facebook.com/HistoryCaffeClub) for the power and all the cooperation;
Miłosz for the piano and helping me carry all the heavy equipment;
Turbo Toni, D-Tox and H-Daddy for helping me transfer and carry all the heavy equipment;
All our friends and family who took part in the surprise, and everyone who couldn’t make it;
The Black Keys for inspiring us;
Lorena for giving me a reason.

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