Q. Is Opal Unlucky?

Q. Is Opal Unlucky?

Q. Is Opal Unlucky?

Is Opal Unlucky?

Opal is really starting to gain momentum all around the world as an engagement ring choice. In the 1800’s it actually was Opal, the “Queen of Gems” that was the preferred choice as an engagement ring gemstone. This love is growing with an incredible momentum despite the alleged efforts of De Beers to promote an “Opal is bad luck” Myth. The allegation made against De Beers (by some) is that Sir Walter Scott was commissioned to write the book “Anne of Geierstein” by De Beers where Opal was presented as a gem of bad luck. This is the only place in history where this statement occurs!, a book commissioned by Opals biggest competitor…the diamond industry! http://edwardjayepstein.com/diamond/prologue.htm

George F. Kunz. states in: The curious lore of precious stones. J. B. Lippincott, Philadelphia, 1913. pp. 143-4. “There can be little doubt that much of the modern superstition regarding the supposed unlucky quality of the opal owes its origin to a careless reading of Sir Walter Scott’s novel, Anne of Geierstein. The wonderful tale therein related of the Lady Hermione, a sort of enchanted princess, who came no one knew whence and always wore a dazzling opal in her hair….when a few drops of holy water were sprinkled over it, they quenched its radiance. Hermione fell into a swoon, was carried to her chamber, and the next day nothing but a small heap of ashes remained on the bed whereon she had been laid. The spell was broken and the enchantment dissolved. All that can have determined the selection of the opal rather than any other precious stone is the fact of its wonderful play of color and its sensitiveness to moisture”.

In folklore, mythology, literature, poetry or history there is literally no other mention of Opal as “unlucky”. It is so significant that it was Queen Victoria who supported Opal and did much to thwart the establishment of this “lie”.

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