Emily & Daniel Elopement Highlight

Emily & Daniel Elopement Highlight

Emily & Daniel Elopement Highlight

Emily & Daniel, where do i even start! This was such a fun & amazing time. Set at Ellis house, in Kyneton, Victoria. This elopement was like nothing i have seen before and i loved it!
Emily (DQ) & Daniel (Gypsy King) met funnily enough at a wedding fair called ‘One Fine Day’, Emily bought wine from Daniel’s bar and boom, the rest is history!
This was an incredible elopement to be a part of and cannot thank Em & Dan enough. So here is a quick wrap up of a great day (Including Mystery the ring bearer)
Congratulations guys, full gallery at: http://barefootandbearded.com/australia-new-zealand-wedding-elopement-photographer/feel-the-lov/#/emily-daniel-melbourne-elopement/

Photographed by Joel Alston (www.barefootandbearded.com)

Filmed and edited by Rob Birchall

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