Antique Engagement Rings Video

Antique Engagement Rings Video

Antique Engagement Rings Video

Antique engagement rings video showing a popular antique style setting with a Princess cut and baguette diamonds, along with detailed vintage styling on the engagement setting band.

Antique engagement rings and vintage engagement rings are very popular styles preferred by many couples. However it is important to note that “antique engagement rings” versus “antique style engagement rings are 2 completely different types of engagement rings. The same holds true for “vintage engagement rings” versus “vintage style engagement rings”.

The difference lies in the actual age of the ring and/or diamond. An authentic antique or vintage engagement ring will be decades or centuries old, whereas an antique style or vintage style engagement ring is a newly manufactured engagement ring with styling details that replicate the original designs from years ago.

Authentic antique engagement rings will not typically have a modern cut diamond such as a round brilliant or Princess cut diamond, unless the diamond was replaced at some point. The type of diamond that you are likely to find in a real antique engagement ring will be an “Old Miners Cut Diamond”, or an “Old European”. Rose cut diamonds are also popular antique cut diamonds found in antique settings. This is because diamond cutters did not have the technology or understanding that modern day diamond cutters have acquired throughout history.

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