Maharani Jewels – Why Buy a Canadian Diamond

Maharani Jewels - Why Buy a Canadian Diamond

Maharani Jewels – Why Buy a Canadian Diamond

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Mark: Hi it’s Mark from Top Local Lead Generation; we’re here with Sheetal Gupta of Maharani Jewels in Vancouver. How’re you doing today Sheetal?

Sheetal: I’m doing very well, thank you so much Mark.

Mark: So we’re going to dig into, I guess one of the big questions for folks in Canada, why would I buy a Canadian diamond?

Sheetal: That’s a great question Mark, there are a few things that I want to highlight today. Let’s start with number one which is that Canadian diamonds are mined in Canada. There are a few mines which are located in the Northwest Territories and one in Nunavut and the amazing thing about Canada is that some of our environmental laws are some of the most rigorous in the world. So when diamonds are mined in Canada, they are not only cognizant of the fish habitats, but also of the wildlife, water as well as the needs and requirements of the local aboriginal people. So you can feel good that when purchasing a Canadian diamond that some of the most stringent laws are being followed to protect our environment.

The second point would be that every diamond that you purchase from Canada actually comes with a serial number which allows you to trace that diamond back to the mine from where it originated. So here you not only have accountability but complete transparency as well.

Thirdly, each diamond that is mined from Canada comes from our rich Canadian heritage. These diamonds are located deep beneath the pristine tundra of our Canadian Arctic, so it’s a matter of pride that when purchasing this diamond you are getting a piece of our heritage and our history and we are able to be patriotic towards our country as well.

The next point is that in buying a Canadian diamond, you’re also supporting jobs within Canada, it’s creating more jobs within Canada which is helping our economy grow and prosper. And I would say the last point is that when you purchase a diamond from Canada, you would think that they cost more because the cost of mining in Canada is higher, the wages are higher but diamond pricing for Canadian diamonds are the same for diamond pricing for diamonds that are not Canadian. So why not be able to get all that I’ve described and not have to pay more for it, so purchasing a diamond from Canada, you feel good, it makes you fee patriotic, it does’t cost more and also you have the accountability and transparency as well. At Maharani Jewels, we actually specialize in Canadian diamonds so we have a huge selection, hundreds of diamonds that are mined from Canada that are available on a daily basis.

Mark: So if you are looking for a Canadian diamond for your engagement ring or your whatever, your earrings, your necklace, your bracelet give Maharani Jewels a call to book your appointment, you can talk to Sheetal at 604-727-0149 or check out the website Thanks Sheetal.

Sheetal: Thank you so much Mark

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