Lorena Got Engaged to Little Black Submarines (Short Version)

Lorena Got Engaged to Little Black Submarines (Short Version)

Lorena Got Engaged to Little Black Submarines (Short Version)

Here’s what’s happening in the video:
I arranged a surprise gig to propose to my girlfriend. We were going to get a beer in town.
Meanwhile, our friends were hiding in the bars nearby.
I had set up a piano in the street with a sign that said “feel free to play me”.
I told her that I wanted to play a new song for her which I had just learned.
My brother’s band, who were sitting in the café next to the piano, joined me in the chorus.
While they played on, I walked over and proposed to her, but instead of a ring, she received a key to the lock of a new bicycle made for the occasion.
All our friends and parents sprung out and marched in for hugs and kisses.

A HUGE thanks to:
My brother Jerko and his band Adastra (http://youtube.com/watch?v=drMG7J-MHRs) for rehearsing, performing and providing the equipment;
Žarko from Klinika (http://facebook.com/klinikaservis) for the awesome bike;
Goran and Iva from Mihoci Photography (http://mihoci.com) for the sharp video footage;
Mlaxx for the cool behind-the-scenes footage;
Jazz Saletović Photography (http://facebook.com/JazzSaletovicPhotography) for the marvelous stills;
History caffe (http://facebook.com/HistoryCaffeClub) for the power and all the cooperation;
Miłosz for the piano and helping me carry all the heavy equipment;
Turbo Toni, D-Tox and H-Daddy for helping me transfer and carry all the heavy equipment;
All our friends and family who took part in the surprise, and everyone who couldn’t make it;
The Black Keys for inspiring us;
Lorena for giving me a reason.

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