Bracelets: 5 Fast Facts

Bracelets: 5 Fast Facts

Bracelets: 5 Fast Facts

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Fact #1. Archaeological evidence suggests that the bracelet has an extremely long history, dating back thousands of years and spanning virtually every culture across the globe. In 2008, Russian archaeologists uncovered a bone fragment from the fifth digit of an early hominin. Along with this artifact, the excavation also revealed a collection of jewelry on the same level of the cave.

Fact #2. Another significant find stretches back to 7500 BC to an obsidian piece found in Turkey. Additional evidence also points to the ancient Egyptians wearing them as early as 5000 BC. These pieces of jewelry were fashioned from rudimentary items like bone, stone, and wood. They were used for religious and spiritual purposes.

Fact #3. Charm bracelets gained popularity in the United States during World War Two. They were fashioned from silver, gold, enamel, plastic, and shell. This was thanks to the use of mass production to increase material variety as well as overall availability. The latter part of the 20th century also saw the rise of medical identification bracelets with text engraved onto flat metal plates.

Fact #4. In their simplest form, these pieces of jewelry are cylindrically-shaped ornaments typically worn around the wrist. They’re adorned with any variety of objects that can include precious stones and gems, metal, rocks, wood, animal hair, and much more. They can be worn singly or in multiples by both genders as decorative accessories, religious symbols, and even for medical identity purposes.

Fact #5. The main classifications are link, slip-on, and hinged. Link options are flexible, lightweight, and designed to fit the wrist loosely with each individual link allowed to drape downward. Slip-on options are more rigid and offer either an open-ended or closed design. Depending on circumstances or preference, several different types exist, including alternative health, beaded, charm, and bangles.


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