Semi precious stones

Semi precious stones

Semi precious stones

Semi precious stones, by

Good Morning everybody. Today we will be having a look at many different colors in the category of Semi precious stones. There are so many different types of semi precious stones that its difficult to understand what is what. This video here will clarify some of the most common semi precious stones.

Lets have a look. We start of with the Quartz family. Firstly, golden rutile quartz which has rutile needles inside of clear quartz.

Drusy quartz, basically natural drusy crystals on top of an agate, occurring naturally in the nature. Citrine quartz coming in two different most common colors, the light and the medium shades. Citrine is heated to form this color of quartz. Amethyst, the only purple quartz available in nature. Smoky quartz. Green Amethyst. Black rutile and lastly Rose quartz.

That was the end of the semi precious stones in the quartz family. There are two most common types of moonstones, the rainbow moonstones with firing inside the stone and the opaque white moonstone mined from India, the south of India.

Lets move on to one of the hardnest stone here, topaz. Starting with swiss blue topaz, it’s a radiated stone and this is one of the most liked color in topaz. Pink topaz, this is a rare pink stone, barely found in commercial terms in the market. Sky blue topaz, resembling the expensive Aquamarine.

Moving on, other semi precious stones like this apple green color of Chrysophrase brings great anxiety in most gemstone buyers. Most commonly mined in Queensland, Australia.

Garnet, which is one of the most oldest stone in countries like Russia and Czech republic.

Synthetic turquoise or also known as man made turquoise.
Iolite, a favorite stone for the Europeans.
Red garnet is the most common garnet found, however do not confuse because garnet can come in many other colors like Green, the Tsavorite garnet.
Onyx, most commonly in Black and green colors.
Who doesn’t know Peridot.
Lastly, lapis lazuli, history.

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  • Bhagabati Meher Reply

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    September 22, 2018 at 9:21 pm
  • tjrank1 Reply

    Most cut gemstones that come from Asia or India are sloppy workmanship. Not Tiffany quality cut.

    September 22, 2018 at 9:21 pm
  • hello @ aletheia & phos Reply


    I placed 2 custom orders with Navneet Gems and specifically flew to Bangkok to collect the first order. I was not given what I ordered in terms of calibrated shape/height, but I took what acceptable stones I could. Navneet promised if we continued to work with him, he would personally look after each order and make sure it was exactly to our specifications.

    After many emails and discussions with Navneet about my concerns re: placing a 2nd order, he guaranteed that if I wasn't happy with the stones the 2nd time, he would refund the order in full. I was happy with that.

    The 2nd order arrived and it was much, MUCH worse than the first order – I wasn't able to use one stone as the cut was so poor. Navneet never saw the stones, (he did not QC them as promised) as the order arrived direct from India.

    When I contacted him with this information and images of the stones, he proceeded to tell me that I would not get anything better from anywhere else and that I would regret not taking them. He then proceeded to tell me that he believes in Karma and will always treat his customers with respect and honesty.

    To avoid more back and forth, I advised Navneet I'd make a claim through Paypal. I sent the stones back via registered post from Australia, however Paypal rejected my claim because they couldn't track the package with Australia Post (Registered Post with Australia Post is not a trackable service – however once the parcel arrives to the destination country, the tracking number becomes visible on the destination country's national postal service, ie: USPS, Thailand Post).

    Navneet told Paypal he hadn't received the returned package. I tracked the package with Thailand Post and found it had been received and signed for 12 days earlier.
    Blown away by the deceitfulness of Navneet Gems. I'll be reporting them to Paypal for fraud.

    Navneet will promise you EVERYTHING and deliver product you wont be able to use.

    EDIT: Reported Navneet Gems for Fraud to Paypal. They refunded my purchase in full.

    See below emails from Navneet blackmailing myself and business partner.

    I don't want to explain you where the parcel was lying because you wouldn't believe it. So I just want to say that we are ready to refund you if you remove the review from all the review websites. If you want to post another review you are welcome to do so and you may do that now. 🙂
    Let me know when this has changed and we will send the money to you.

    Marketing Manager,
    Navneet Agarwal
    Graduate Gemologist
    (GG at GIA, Carlsbad, USA)

    "We love what we do and we believe in growing together not individually" – Navneet A.

    We have received the stones today. Yes we will refund the money after you remove the reviews from all places. No I don't have a photo.

    Please leave a rating of at least 3 for google reviews since you cannot delete the review at all.
    Please do the same for weddingwiredotcom
    If you have placed the review anywhere else please honestly delete it.
    Thank you

    If you are not putting the review down, I am sorry. We really never received the package. I will not even check or bother to check where the package went if it did not come to our POBOX. The address on our PayPal is 100% correct, but post was not the right way to ship to Thailand.

    Navneet Agarwal
    Navneet Gems & Minerals Ltd

    September 22, 2018 at 9:21 pm

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