Wedding Vow Kit | Wedding Vows | Sample Wedding Vows and Special Readings

Wedding Vow Kit | Wedding Vows | Sample Wedding Vows and Special Readings

Wedding Vow Kit | Wedding Vows | Sample Wedding Vows and Special Readings

Product Name: Wedding Vow Kit | Wedding Vows | Sample Wedding Vows and Special Readings

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Revised and Expanded!

If you’d like to be in control of your wedding ceremony by
choosing among several beautiful vows, symbols, and readings, if
you want to feel confident when you stand front and center
before your friends and family and say some of the most
important words you will ever say, and if you would like to
reduce your stress level leading up to your wedding rehearsal
and your wedding day because you have designed and printed out
exactly what you will say and do, then this might be the most
important article you’ll ever read.

(To download your free
sample wedding vows and ring vows

please scroll to the bottom of the page and fill out the form

WEDDING VOW KIT is Extremely Easy and Convenient to Use. It is Well
Organized and Easy to Follow and you can Download it right to your
computer IN MINUTES. Expensive wedding books are big, bulky, cannot be
downloaded to your computer and usually only devote 3 or 4 pages to
designing your ceremony and your vows. The WEDDING VOW KIT devotes 28
pages to your wedding vows and gives you dozens of beautiful elements
to choose from at a fraction of the cost.

Now, I know you’re probably skeptical. That’s normal and healthy. Let me give you three good reasons you we can back up
what we claim:

Reason one: Dr. Carr holds ministerial degrees from Liberty University, Dallas Theological Seminary, and Southwestern
Baptist Theological Seminary and has been in full-time ministry for 20 years.

Reason two:
Dr. Carr has performed more than 300 wedding ceremonies and wedding vow
renewals. You can benefit from his experience as you craft your own
wedding vow. Designing your wedding vows and ceremony is not
complicated, but unless you have done it several times, it can be
confusing. For most of us, it is not a weekly, monthly, or even annual
event. You need a coach. That is what the Wedding Vow Kit e-book is
designed to be for you. Let Dr. Carr’s experience coach you to a
beautiful ceremony.

Reason three:
He has counseled with hundreds of couples from many religious and
non-religious backgrounds and helped them design their own custom
tailored ceremonies. In the process he has spent thousands of hours and
has collected many different types of vows, readings, and celebrations.
Now, you can benefit from this valuable collection.

 The Sample Wedding Ceremony has the Rehearsal Steps Built In.

You can have a much smoother rehearsal.

The Wedding Vow Kit is very organized and easy to follow.

The simple format makes it easy for you to decide what you really want.

You can design and print out a hard copy of your ceremony.

You and your fiancé can go over the different elements of the ceremony together and make it a joint adventure.

You can print out a hard copy of your wedding vows and ring vows.

Imagine being able to practice your wedding vows together in private.

Have a copy of your wedding vows ahead of time.

Think of the confidence you will have when you stand up in front of a crowd. It will help to prevent any embarrassing moments
that will be recorded to video to be viewed over and over again.

Print out the ceremony in its entirety.

You can have it framed and given as a wedding or anniversary gift.

You will have a copy of your own wedding vows on your computer.

You can look at them anytime you need a little reminder. You could even take the words of your wedding vows and turn them
into a screen saver.

Article: How to Make Your Ceremony Unique.

Gives you ideas on how to customize your ceremony.

A sample of how to run through the ceremony.

It will reduce your stress at your wedding rehearsal.

Alternates for the Minister’s Opening Remarks and Message.

Perfect for the Officiant who is looking for some fresh ideas.

Alternate Wedding Vows.

Choose between Traditional or Contemporary Vows.

Alternate Ring Vows.

Ring Vows are usually repeat-after-me.
These are the words you will be reciting out loud during your ceremony.

for Writing Your Own Elegant Vows.

Learn how you can write your own beautiful and meaningful wedding vows.

Sample Unity Candle Ceremony.

Ease your tension by using this simple plan.

Sample Rose Ceremony.

Discover a beautiful way to honor your Mothers during the Rose Ceremony.

Lilac Celebration.

This unique celebration at the end of your ceremony will make it forever memorable.

Bubble Reception

Make your ceremony more fun with this cute idea.

10 Special Readings

Save yourself long, tedious hours of research by having these beautiful readings already collected for you in one place.

Special Tips for Wedding Officiants

Become more professional and more helpful to the couple you serve by observing these simple tips that have been harvested
from years of experience.

Now, you’re probably wondering how and why we can do all those things.

day is more memorable or special than your wedding day. There will be
many special days in your life and moments to remember, but your
wedding day is one you can plan together. It should be a day filled
with love, family, friends, and joyful memories. Record it with photos
and video. Fill it with music and dancing. Celebrate it with food and
gifts. Sanctify it with the presence of God. And plan it with each
other in mind. Every
wedding ceremony is unique. They are all special and different. There
are no generic ceremonies just as there are no generic people. Each
person is unique and individual and so is each wedding ceremony. Yet,
each person has many similarities and so does each wedding ceremony.
These elements are almost always present: the processional, opening
remarks, the presentation of the bride, the message or remarks about
love and marriage, the wedding vows, the exchanging of rings, the kiss,
the presentation of the new couple, and the recessional. Each of these
elements has many alternates and variations that can add beauty,
personality, and individuality to this most exquisite day.The
Wedding Vow Kit is an E-book that downloads to your computer in minutes. This resource makes it easy to customize your
own ceremony from start to finish. You will be able to…• design a hard copy of your wedding vows
together • have a ceremony that also leads you step by step through the rehearsal• have a copy of your
wedding vows to read through together • practice your wedding vows the night before your wedding • have
a copy to keep foreverRemember…• your wedding will probably be well-photographed • your
wedding ceremony will be video taped • everyone will be watching and listening to you live • you will
watch your own wedding ceremony many times • you want to say to each other what your heart feels • you
want to say it well • you don’t get a second chance • you don’t want to mess up So…•
get a Wedding Vow Kit that will allow you to get an early start • print out a copy today you can begin to craft
• make a small investment in a big day that will pay off • know that you have done your best to prepare
• show your fiancé that you really care You
will spend hundreds of dollars on a dress to wear one time, hundreds on
a cake you will only eat one bite from, thousands on a place to spend
the day, hundreds or even thousands on beautiful flowers, hundreds on
an officiant you may not know very well, thousands on a honeymoon,
thousands on food for a reception and rehearsal, BUT THE WORDS YOU SAY ON YOUR WEDDING DAY ARE ETERNAL!  They are meant to last Forever.
Choose them with care. Say them from your heart.

have been happily married for a year and 3 months. We are constantly
talking about your wedding ceremony and how beautiful it was. … You
were so understanding of my husband’s disability. You made it possible
for him to give my daughter a token of his love for her and even
included that in your vows. My husband had everyone crying during this
time. I still have friends and relatives talking about just how
beautiful our wedding was.

Lupita, Glendale, Arizona

Kelly was a true pleasure to work with during the initial preparation
and wedding ceremony. He’s very sincere with his thoughts and words
throughout the entire process. His professionalism and approach
definitely captured our audience and just made the ceremony that much
more beautiful.” Randy and Michelle, Scottsdale, Arizona

Carr was recommended to me by a coworker and I couldn’t be happier with
the service he provided. Dr. Carr was punctual and professionally
dressed for both the rehearsal and wedding ceremony. Over all it was a
very pleasant experience for my husband and I.

There is a lot of confusion surrounding our field. I want to give you 6 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively
must have in any solution you obtain:

1: The words you use at your wedding must be both beautiful and meaningful. Choose a product that is the result
of years of personal experience from a seasoned professional, someone who ACTUALLY officiates weddings.

2: Choose a product that let’s YOU be the editor.

3: Choose a product that puts dozens of options at your fingertips.

4: Choose a product that downloads to your computer, not something from the inconvenience of a 400 page book
that virtually ignores the ceremony and vows.

5: Choose a product that you can ACCESS IN MINUTES without having to leave your home.

6: Choose a product that is a fraction of the cost of expensive wedding planning books.

Article: How to Make Your Ceremony UniqueA Sample Wedding CeremonyA Sample of How to Run Through the RehearsalAlternates
for the Officiant’s Opening RemarksAlternates or Additions for the Officiant’s MessageAlternate Wedding VowsAlternate
Ring VowsSample Unity Candle CelebrationSample Sand CelebrationSample Rose CelebrationLilac ReceptionBubble
Reception10 All-Time Favorite Special ReadingsSpecial Tips for Wedding OfficiantsAll Downloadable to Your Computer
InstantlyReduced Stress as Your Big Moment ApproachesConfidence to Say Your Most Important Words to Your Most Important
Person in Front of a Crowd Without Fear

For the Price of Lunch, less than the price of a Popcorn
and a Movie, You
could download this valuable resource Right Now!  What do you have to lose?

Since I know it’s 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason
to say YES today! If you respond immediately, you’ll also receive the following:

contains the basic Wedding Ceremony. It is designed to be folded in
half to fit neatly in a book. This simple 4 page ceremony can be
personalized by adding names and customized by adding special elements.
This is not only perfect for a couple, but also for the young officiant
who may be just getting started and needs a reliable guide to go by.
Just print one side, and then put that sheet back into the printer and
print the next page on the back. When folded it creates a 4 page
ceremony to insert neatly into a Bible, book or binder.

This program allows you to clearly see the sequence of events in the
ceremony, decide where to plug-in special elements such as the Unity
Candle, and have a guide for designing your own wedding day brochure.

There is nothing worse than coming to your wedding rehearsal
unprepared. Hopefully you will have a wedding coordinator who is
organized. Perhaps you are hoping the officiant will be experienced and
take charge. But it is so much better to be prepared by having the
WEDDING REHEARSAL AT-A-GLANCE. This is the same tool that wedding
professionals use. This simple but effective fill-in-the-blank guide
will save time, eliminate stress, keep your rehearsal moving, and be
useful at the wedding ceremony for getting everyone in place, including
those who could not attend the rehearsal. When no one is in charge,
then anyone and everyone is in charge, and it is usually someone you
don’t want to be in charge. Don’t risk not having this essential tool!
These bonuses alone are worth 10 times the price of the E-book and are
virtually impossible to find anywhere else, but they are yours free
when you order The WEDDING VOW KIT today.

Ten Tips for Writing Your Own Beautiful Wedding Vows. 
By following these 10 simple steps, you will write vows that will
impress your friends, surprise yourself, and bring joy and tears to
your spouse for years to come.  These tips from the pros with
examples will help you create your own unique wedding vows for your
special day.

50 Inspiring Quotations and Sayings on Love. 
Whether you are looking for a special reading for your wedding
day, something that sounds elegant for your own vows, or something
that expresses what you feel, you will find it here.  These
quotations, poems, and simple sayings capture your feelings in
words.  This collection will help you as you write your
vows.  Plus you will have them to share with each other for years
to come in notes or cards.

50 Inspiring Quotations and Sayings on Marriage: 
Looking for just the perfect words to describe how you feel about your
marriage or your wedding?  Listening for the precise turn of
phrase that echoes your emotions about your wedding day?  Trying
to picture with words your vision of life together.  Whether
profound or humorous, you will find something here that expresses your
thoughts.  Let these classic words guide you as you try to write
your own wedding vows, or just jot them down in a note to your fiancée.

here’s something else you’ll get…

Free with Purchase of The Wedding Vow

Bonus: “400 Amazing Punch

Need some ideas for your Wedding Shower?, Wedding Reception?  Punch is
the perfect crowd pleaser. Not everyone likes beer
or iced tea and punch makes the perfect alternative
for any festivity. In
Refreshing Punch Recipes
you will find an easy to make punch for any
occasion. Here are just a few of the delicious
concoctions you will find inside:

2, 3, Punch

Wedding Punch

Aloha Fruit Punch




Wedding Punch

Sweet Punch

For More Information Click Here


Free with Purchase of The Wedding
Vow Kit!

Bonus: “Planning the Perfect
Wedding on a Shoestring Budget.”

that the happy couple is engaged, there’s so much to do for
the wedding, you might feel overwhelmed. That’s
understandable. You want a beautiful, memorable wedding, but
the funds just aren’t where you think they need to be in order
to have that type of ceremony.

all-in-one comprehensive guide compiles tips from wedding
planners, event coordinators, and brides who have been there
and done that – thrown a gorgeous wedding on a shoestring

For More Information Click Here


Free with Purchase of The Wedding Vow

Bonus: “Romantic
Ideas for Couples”

Simple, inexpensive ways to show your love and put romance in
your life EVERY DAY

Learn how to check your “Romance Meter.”

Discover Simple Techniques to “Fan the

Find out how well you “really” know your

Hundreds of “Creative Ideas” for Romance

21 New Romantic Habits

14 Creative Romantic Dates

13 Romantic Ideas for the Long Distance

8 Great Ideas for Romance on a Budget

20 Secrets for Romance for Seniors

7 Romantic Ideas Guaranteed to Surprise
Your Spouse

Many more Tips, Suggestions, and Practical

This e-book could be the perfect companion
for a couple on a honeymoon, and also for a lifetime of
Love and Romance.  Instant Access when you order the
Wedding Vow Kit.  Keep it in a folder on Your Computer
called “Romantic Ideas” and then start adding your own.

For More Information Click Here


By the way, these bonuses are yours to keep even in the unlikely event you decide to take advantage
of our ironclad moneyback guarantee:

satisfaction is guaranteed with our 100%, no-questions-asked, iron-clad
money-back guarantee. If you aren’t absolutely thrilled with our
product, just contact us (or send the product back)
within 60 days and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase
price. No questions asked!”
“You don’t have to decide now if this product is right for you. Just
get it and try it out. If you cannot use it or you are not satisfied
with it just let me know and I’ll make sure you receive a prompt and courteous
refund.  So you have nothing to lose and
everything to gain.”

Order Right Now
by Credit Card or PayPal via our Secure Server!

To order The Wedding Vow Kit just click the button below

To your beautiful wedding day,

Dr. Carr and his bride.

P.S. I have been helping couples for many years and I know these tools will help you design a ceremony you will love
and remember forever.

P.P.S. Please remember we will only be able to offer these amazing bonuses for a limited time.

P.P.P.S. My NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED Guarantee means that I am taking all the risk and you have nothing to worry about.

P.P.P.P.S. Once you order, you should be able to download this incredible e-book within minutes and get started designing
your perfect ceremony today.

You and your fiancé will be able to relax and approach your wonderful
wedding day with confidence and not stress about the words you will say
to each other. Please order now and begin enjoying these benefits right

download your Free Sample Wedding Vows and Ring Vowsjust fill in your name and email address below:

Special Note:  This e-book comes in Adobe PDF format.  You will need Adobe Reader to read it.  Adobe Reader
is a free download from  If you do not already have it you may click on this
link to download it for free. 

For Ministers
and Wedding Officiates Only Click Here

Offer For Wedding Professionals Only

© 2007 by Carr Publishing – All Rights Reserved – Privacy

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Wedding Vow Kit | Wedding Vows | Sample Wedding Vows and Special Readings is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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