Ka’Lyn and Ernest
September 2, 2016 • Landover Hills, MD

A good friend of theirs, Kathleen, told Ernest that Ka’Lyn was moving to the DMV area after graduation. He proceeded to follow Ka’Lyn on twitter and of course, Ka’Lyn being who she is, did not immediately follow back. Overtime he would tweet her about her tweets and Ka’Lyn asked Kat “Who is this guy?”. Kat told Ka’Lyn that Ernest was her college best friend and he lived in the area. Around May of 2013, Ka’Lyn followed Ernest back and Kat prompted Ernest to send her a private message. Ka’Lyn and Ernest chatted for a few days and then he went in for the kill! Their first date was at the Spy Museum in Washington, D.C. and the rest was history. 8 months into their relationship Ernest moved to California for his job but they were able to make long distance work! With the support of their family and close friends they were able to live out a fairytale relationship all the way up until the engagement.
Ka’Lyn being the sneaky woman she is had already figured out when she was getting proposed to but she wasn’t as clever as she thought. Ernest came home 3 times within 6 weeks to visit and Ka’Lyn could not quite figure out what day the proposal was going to be. On November 5th, 2015, Ka’Lyn and Ernest were planning to go to catch lunch before her class. When she opened the door to leave Ernest was on his knee with a bouquet of roses, candy, and two boxes. Ka’Lyn, who is a drama queen, slammed the door in his face at first. She then opened it and said “Why are you on the floor? Do you need help?”. Ernest laughed and said “No, will you marry me?”. Ka’Lyn screamed out (explicit) yeah and received the most unique engagement ring ever. Not only did she get a ring, she also got two gold bracelets engraved with one of her daily affirmations “Be Mindful”. This would surely help her through the entire wedding planning process!


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