“The Proposal”

"The Proposal"

“The Proposal”

Feb. 13, 2016
Gudauri, Georgia

“Why it seems uncommon?”… This might be the exact same question in your head as you read this caption. Yes, people closest to us should know, our wedding date is all set for next year. Most of our suppliers were already booked. Some may say that we’re just waiting for our big day to unfold in every flip of the calendar. And just like most people, I’ve long been waiting for this day to finally answer the never-ending question… “where’s the PROPOSAL???”

First shout-out of this post goes to my Barney Stinson, my wingman brotha Chris. That was around the final quarter of last year when we came up with the idea of having my proposal in our short trip to Georgia. We’ve shared lots of crazy ideas in our attempt to pull off the best gimmick in our history of wingmanning. 😉 I personally want it to be extraordinary but at the same time simple and unique.

And the planning continues. New email address, deleted convos with friends, late night OT excuses, and a lot more of lying just to keep this ultimate secret. And believe me… having a girl like mine makes it HARDER 😛 Haha! From buying the ring (credits to Chris & Phoebe) when all she knew is I am taking my afternoon nap to asking her skip fellowship with our churchmates so I can discuss my master plan with them, it was hard… but the thought of giving her a once in a lifetime experience is undeniably fulfilling. 🙂

Now comes the most awaited moment. We’re on the 2nd day of our short trip in Georgia with our WWCF Sharjah family. Everything has been prepared as we travel towards our first snow experience. During that 2-hour drive from the hotel to Gudauri, I’m really wondering if she has any idea of what is about to happen. I’ve done a lot of surprises but this one is very different. The anxiety is just a notch higher.

We finally arrived to our destination. Thanks to our ever supportive tour guide “Tsa” Nini for booking the perfect restaurant.


Everyone is seated as planned when I gave my cue. I told Jhoy, while she’s too busy taking her selfies, that I need to use the washroom and that’s when the waitress gave her my props, an own made Menu. 😉 Then, kuya Marc played the music I have prepared for this proposal (a minus one cover of I’ll be There (For You) by Martin Nievera) . And of course, who can sing it better than my very talented ate Thel? 😀 In the Menu, I have put our pictures and the lyrics of 1st verse that she can follow (videoke type) while ate Thel is singing.

As I hide myself near the counter, I have no idea what’s really happening until seeing this video. Shout-out to kuya Mark Paulino for capturing the whole experience perfectly and to ate Richelle and kuya Mark Lopez for the great pictures. 🙂 After 1st verse, she starts looking for me thinking that I’ve surprised her with “just another” Valentine’s gimmick. That was until her parents’ voices put her into tears as they gave their blessing and messages for us. A big thanks to my sister-in-law Melowdear for a job well done in getting those heart-warming messages and of course to tataydear and nanaydear for your blessing. :*

After the 1st song, that was the moment for my biggest stars 🙂 🙂 🙂

“Thank God I Got Her” – Jonny Diaz

– ate Liz (sweater) “She’s got a closet full of nothing to wear”

– ate Elz (boots) “So many shoes she needs another pair”

– ate Avi (best actress) – “When she gets to talking Lord you just can’t stop her”

– Mamita & Tatay Caloy – “She’s everything I didn’t know I needed… The perfect fit, the missing piece.”

I can watch the video all over again with a big smile seeing how you guys executed our plan perfectly. 🙂

And to everyone who prayed, supported and became a part of this very special moment, my deepest gratitude to all of you from the bottom of my inlababong heart. 😀 To Mama and Papa for your support and love for Jhoy, to our amazing brothers & sisters, and the entire family… THANK YOU!

And finally to my fiance Jhoy 🙂 Thank you being the only reason why this proposal was planned to begin with. We have already shared a lot of memories together and this is only the start of better things ahead as we take another step in this God-given relationship. Always know that I love you and will continue to love you with the love of the Lord. I will always thank God for your life and for giving me a chance to finally make mine “ours”. 🙂

So, why it seems uncommon? The timing of this proposal may not be what is expected by most people, but it was made perfect by our genuine love guided by our one true GOD. 🙂 To more uncommons with me my love… TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!!! 🙂

“God has perfect timing, never early and never late.
It takes a little patience and it takes a lot of faith…
But when it happens, it’s always worth the wait.”

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