Chris and Lizette- Engagement Video

Chris and Lizette- Engagement Video

Chris and Lizette- Engagement Video

So two of my bandmates and best friends Rosser and Lizette got engaged last week. They’ve been dating for a long time and have an absolutely beautiful relationship. Rosser bought Lizette a ring and asked for some assistance in their big moment.

My job was to text her and tell her that I needed a couple for a photo assignment, and that no one else was free on saturday. It included lots of “pretty please”-es and “i’ll love you forever”s. lol

Rosser wanted to make sure he proposed to her in the same field that they celebrated their 1 year anniversary, so we had to basically incept the idea to lizette so she thought she came up with it on her own and suggested it to us as a good spot.

The “theme” of my shoot was “Love is Blind,” so in addition to cute photos, I had to take photos of them blindfolded. You may see where this is headed.

I eventually had them stand back to back and blindfolded, and as lizette stood there, rosser slipped his off got on one knee. At that point, I switched to video and asked her to take off the blind fold. The rest is history.


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