Alicia + Tyler (Highlight)

Alicia + Tyler (Highlight)

Alicia + Tyler (Highlight)

Tyler proposed to Alicia around Christmas time with a large engagement ring ornament hung on the tree. She had always joked about having a ring that big! After a long exhausting day at school he sent her on a scavenger hunt to find an “early Christmas present” (which she wasn’t necessarily in the mood for at the moment, but that would change once she realized what was happening) She looked all around the apartment until she found it hanging on the tree with the real one tied to the bottom. He proposed, she said yes, and the rest is history! Which brings us to the day of their wedding! We had such a fun day with these two and their awesome friends and family and their photographers Sami and Will of Work of Art Photography (which you might recognize from one of our other highlights!) Thank you once again for letting us tell your story! Your friends at Ashe Productions!

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