All About Birthstones – Gemstones and their Meanings

Every month of the year has one (or more) gemstones assigned to it as it’s designated birthstone. Each birthstone also has special legendary meanings and properties associated with the gem. In this video, I help you discover all twelve months of birthstones, showing examples of the gemstones and telling you about their reputed mystical, spiritual and other properties.

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January’s birthstone is garnet.
February’s birthstone is amethyst.
March’s birthstone is aquamarine.
April’s birthstone is diamond. (Alternate: White Sapphire or White Topaz)
May’s birthstone is emerald.
June’s birthstone is pearl. (Alternate: Alexandrite or Moonstone)
July’s birthstone is ruby.
August’s birthstone is peridot.
September’s birthstone is blue sapphire.
October’s birthstone is Opal. (Alternate: Tourmaline)
November’s birthstone is yellow topaz. (Alternate: Citrine)
December’s birthstone is tanzanite (Alternate: turquoise or blue zircon)

I hope you find it informative! Thank you for watching!

* Narrated by Miss M. Turner of PhoenixFire Designs *



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