Basic “How to” Tutorial on Cutting and Polishing a Gemstone Cabochon

This video is a basic guide on the fundamentals of how to cut a simple gemstone cabochon.

It should also be noted that it is recommended to wear eye protection while cutting gemstones.



  1. Нельзя работать в часах, органы дыхания НЕ защищены, форма кабошона на глаз и размер тоже… полировка не понравилась…

  2. Can we mention the use of bare feet in the rock shop? Nice cab and tutorial. We place finished cabs in the freezer for 10 to 15 minutes to remove the wax. It just pops off the stone. Less chance of burning your fingers and dropping a hot rock on your toes. Seriously though are your feet Lego proof?

  3. How does this differ from South African tiger's eye? The outcome of your piece is impressive – thanks for taking the time to video.

  4. คุ์ณRทา่นเป็ปรา็ก…รา็ก เลอะสี์ PQ(PQ) จ่ามั็ยจ่าเหตจ่ามั็ยจ่า

  5. Hi I was curious selenite is a bit different in concern to using water how would you work with this stone or a Celestite, lepidolite, black kyanite and so forth

    I am most interested in the selenite

    Thank you

  6. Hello, thank you for your tutorials: how can i polish to a high shine a turquoise or coral cabochon that has lost its glassy shine? thank you

  7. nice educating videos, but why there is no translating option available for your videos? people who are deaf cannot hear you so it would be better if you could upload ur videos with the closed caption.

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