Gemstone from Raw Amber Using Sandpaper, Cloth and Toothpaste (Shaping and Polishing.)

In this video I show how I made some amber I bought for PCRT into a precious gemstone using nothing more than Sandpaper, Cloth and a bit of Toothpaste. These are great to drill for necklaces or charms. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Oh hell. They used rat poison. Must’ve been a lot! So sorry to hear that you were victimized by a psychopath. Flat your dog is ok!!

  2. I would’ve bought a silencer and cameras and ended that bastards life if ANYBODY tried to hurt my dogs. I am so happy 😁 that he was able to survive! 🙏👍

  3. You could have also used lapidary wheels to make the amber look even better and get rid of those scratches. Also, I hope your dog is okay and can make a full recovery. 😁

  4. Diamond powder works great for polishing amber because it's so abrasive yet it can be made extremely fine under 1 micron. It's super cheap too on eBay if you search diamonds lapping powder.

  5. All the poor doggy. I hope you were at least able to find the sons of b**** that did that to your dog who is absolutely beautiful sorry to hear that for you guys. But I hope something was done about this and if not hopefully something will get done very sorry to hear that. But I'm glad your dog is home and he's doing okay now

  6. Toothpaste! I knew it. Was ready to try it on rocks. How Colgate would shock my mouth after rinsing. It and other pastes must be powerful cleaners/polishers, just not for teeth- if they have glycerin. Poor Pit. But a lot of people don't want them around them for good reason.

  7. Aaawwww omg poor doggy wow i totally understand the prosses of stuff like that nothing that bad. So I Amber witch is weird sent its just fossilized sap. but it looks so pretty when its polished and set on , like a walking stick, some times a ring, and etc.

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