Graff jewellery robber sentenced to 23 years

Graff jewellery robber sentenced to 23 years

Aman Kassaye, who robbed more than 40 million of jewels from a New Bond Street shop has been sentenced to 23 years in prison.

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  1. security was shit. so many things they could have used . Should have spray paint guns to make the criminals very easy to identify . Or stun guns etc . Dont leave it to the police or courts, they are a joke

  2. Absolute filth, deserve everything they get. Who the fuck do they think they are thinking they can go around and steal stuff thats not theirs ? Enjoy shower rape & porridge scum bags.

  3. @jenssdewalka Work makes you help society and all of mankind.. it contributes a necessity. It makes you strong and/or intelligent( and moral?) 😀
    I like work…… but i rarely do it >.> i study 24/7
    but if you were without work most of your life like i was.. i assume you would love work too. As long as you find fun work or stuff to do while working 😉

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