History of Jewelry – TraxNYC Series P1

History of Jewelry - TraxNYC Series P1

This is our part 1 of our 5 part web series explaining the history of jewelry across time and space. In this video, we will explain how jewelry symbolizes the different types of social classes and that it can influence human behavior. There are a total of 174,000 tons of mined gold in the human nature. You may think that is a lot of gold, but equally divided by 7 billion of human beings alive, it makes just 22 grams of gold per person. TraxNYC offers amazing quality jewelry for a amazing price! visit our website and check it out for yourself. www.TraxNYC.com



  1. I am tired of this issue, there was an add of a watch with praying campus, in some magazine and it was in the intention of sending to some friends to help them to pray? AND what happened next, I hope they knew about it too!!!

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