Marie Antoinette Biography: Her Own Undoing

Marie Antoinette Biography: Her Own Undoing

Her hair was piled atop her head, often ornamented with jewels or trinkets. Her face was always made up, and she wore the finest gowns and jewelry. At only 19 years old, she was a Queen, and in the tumultuous times in which she lived, she soon became a symbol of all that was wrong with French royalty.

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Host – Simon Whistler
Author – Jamie Carter Logan
Producer – Jack Cole
Executive Producer – Shell Harris

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  1. Who edited the portraits used in this production?? Empress Eugenie of France for Maria Teresa , Charles II for Loius XV?
    And “Antionette?” She was not called by that name in Austria or France

  2. Your video is a shame. You get all the kings and princes of that time mixed up with French royalty. King Louis XIII lived almost 100 years before Marie-Antoinette. You sir was a reference to me. I guess not anymore. Or as least have the final saying on your videos. This one makes you look like an amateur. Queen Marie-Antoinette is one of the most studied and discussed royal in the world. Please, correct the mistakes in your video.

  3. Thank you for this witty and informative synopsis of my Past Life when I was Queen Maria Antoinette of France.  It is actually a life that follows on from an even earlier previous French life (reincarnation) when I was Joan of Arc, Jehanne D'Arc (1400), who was burnt at the stake.   Joan would often speak and act through Maria Antoinette.  Maria's other strengths came from my other "personalities" i.e. that of being Queen Tai (Ancient Egypt), Queen Cleopatra VII and Duchess Sarah Jenyns Churchill.  For some reason, France and I always seem to end in bad ways – even though France is very much in my heart still.         In this lifetime I am a Black Jamaican, born in 1961, in a small rural village called Ritchies, near Spalding, in Clarendon.  Marie Antoinette's father is now Arsene Wenger, the Arsenal Football ex-manager; who was also Julius Caesar, my partner, when I was Cleopatra VII.  We have incarnated together in many lifetimes.   Arsene Wenger is my "Spirit Cousin" – my spirit mother's nephew.  He and I have been in contact in this life too.    I have helped him out numerous times.  Arsene also has very strong spiritual and psychic beliefs and abilities.  Only one of my (Maria's) children (Maria Therese) survived and although she married, did not have any children of her own.  In fact, this daughter now lives right next door to me, but has no idea of this earlier royal life.  A very unhappy soul, which is as a result of this past French experience.  My "personalities" (some named above) all speak through me now….like many sides of one diamond.  One's Past Lives greatly helps to understand who one currently is.  The knowledge comes about through Meditation and a willingness to know and understand oneself.  ASK and you shall received.  Today I am "spiritual", not religious.  Very psychic, not "mad".  I'm into Spiritual Healing,  Transformational Speaking, love teaching and being taught;  Photography, painting and playing my Alto Saxophone, guitar and piano…..and relearning French.

  4. She misplaced a very valuable diamond necklace from the king and said she lost it in the garden, however, what people don’t know is she pulled it apart and paid out all the local bakers with it, I heard she felt sooo guilty that sooo many people were hungry. So she really did try to connect with the local people at the time, I heard she would scald people for not going outside to loo. She’d have smelly servants & palace children thrown into the fountains for laughs. They were good people and had no idea of the storm their opulence had provoked.

  5. Something of an over-simplification though. Louis XVI had been trying to tax nobility for years but because they dominated the assembly that made legislation, he was never able to get it through. He was in reality somewhat progressive and serious, just hampered by an outdated system that made it impossible for him to introduce the reforms that were essential after his father had pretty well bankrupted France in an unsuccessful war. It didn't help that France sent a lot of money to America to support the revolution in the hope of doing business with the new Republic, a gesture which was completely unreciprocated when the Americans decided to continue doing business with Britain.

    Louis made some very bad calls. Marie Antoinette appears to have been unable to envisage the impact of her own spending and became vilified. But essentially, the fault lay with two generations of bad parenting by the Bourbon dynasty.

  6. "Marie Antoinette for Dummies". Full of factual, chronological, visual, and musical errors. The Top Tenz series isn't much better–don't be fooled by the suave British accent. Too bad because these short subject videos could be so much better with a little more research and preparation.

  7. This is the most amazing exclamation and video that I have ever seen and I am a very big historic buff this was by far the best video I have ever seen bringing it right to point but in thralling with information thank you

  8. France is now a republic, and her people (whatever you might think of them) have a thoroughly outstanding sense of national identity. I wonder what Britain would be like today if we had decided to ditch the free-loaders…

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