The 5 biggest jewelry heists in history

The 5 biggest jewelry heists in history

More than half a billion dollars lost. Most of the jewels have never been recovered. CNNMoney’s Vanessa Yurkevich breaks down the biggest heists in history.


BIGGEST Jewelry Thieves Ever!

BIGGEST Jewelry Thieves Ever!

Check out the BIGGEST Jewelry Thieves Ever! This top 10 list of largest jewelry heists has some of the most succesful money thieves in history!

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9. Thomas Blood
Thomas Blood was an Irishman famous for his shady past and his scheming nature. He is most famous for his attempt to steal the Crown Jewels of England. No easy feat but if he could pull it off, not only would he be rich beyond his imagination, but he would show the royal family who was boss and he would be famous!!

8. Bill Mason
You may not know the name Bill Mason from the history books, but rest assured, he was a very successful thief. (Not to be confused with Bill Mason the Canadian naturalist and conservationist). He is considered by some law enforcement officials to be one of the most successful jewel thieves in American History. Which is ironic, because most of the people in his life didn’t even know that he was a thief.

7. Alan Golder
Despite what his name may indicate, Alan Golder was a more of a diamond guy, and he was a talented diamond thief, at that. So much so that when he started his career in his early 20’s he had been so successful that he got the nickname the “Dinnertime Bandit”.

6. Ignacio Peña Del Rio
Spanish national, Ignacio Pena Del Rio came to the US to try to become a professional mixed martial artist. He got a business degree from the University of San Diego, but it just wasn’t enough. As time went on, he found an easier way to make money, and it wasn’t with his college degree.

5. Doris Payne
87-year-old Doris Payne has been arrested again!! Known as the “Granny Gem Thief” she is well known in jewelry circles and has been at for a while!!
Last year she “confessed” that she was going to stop stealing jewels and diamonds. That being said, her career is legendary. Unlike other thieves, who would steal things when people aren’t looking, Doris Payne would happily steal things right in front of your nose.

4. Hajime Karasuyama
Not much is really known about Hajime Karasuyama, in fact, that’s not even his real name. It’s a pseudonym.
So how do we know he exists? Simple, The Japanese burglar wrote a book about himself, and gives tips on how to rob jewels.

3. Peter Scott
When he was 12 years old, Peter Gulston from Ireland dedicated his life to crime. He committed 150 robberies before being caught and sent to prison. Once he was released, he knew he couldn’t stay in Belfast under his current name. So, he moved to London, and became Peter Scott, burglar extraordinaire!

2. Borko Ilincic
One of the leaders of the infamous jewel theft gang, the “Pink Panthers”, Borko Ilincic is credited with stealing over 250 million pound’s worth of jewels during his career. He and his group of theives would rob in groups of 4-5 men which would allow them to grab what they wanted and get out quickly. Their strategies were numerous and creative, and each one was more elaborate than the last.

1. Hope Diamond Robbery
In terms of diamonds, the Hope Diamond is one of the most famous, and infamous, jewels ever. It was most recently insured for 250 million dollars, and is said to be cursed and it has been stolen more often than any one can even count. But I’ll mention a couple!

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