In this week’s unboxing, Natalie is joined by Troy, a gem expert, to discuss this GIANT Opal’s intricate designs and all of its unique characteristics. Subscribe to JTV: source

We’re BACK with a third Steven Universe video! We’re taking a closer look at the fusions of Opal, Sugilite, Sardonyx, Alexandrite and the different characters it takes to make these special… source

On this special unboxing, Natalie unveils one of the world’s most popular and collected stones and explains why it has become world renowned. Subscribe to JTV: source

This week’s priceless unboxing leaves Natalie speechless! Joined by Shelly, a curator for the museum collection called “Somewhere in the Rainbow,” who helps explain the backstory of these gems… source

Once you take a look at muscovite, you’ll understand why it’s used in makeup: it’s shimmery and has the texture of makeup! It comes off in thin layers too. Natalie gives you the scoop on muscovite,… source

What’s ammolite? It comes from an ammonite and it’s over 70 MILLION years old! More info on ammolite: Subscribe to JTV: source

CTO of Jewelry Television® (JTV) Chris Meystrik discusses how Riversand’s Product Information Management (PIM) and Master Data Management (MDM) solutions helped JTV create a trusted data… source

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In this week’s unboxing, Natalie is stumped once again as she tries to identify this rare gem. She is joined by Alan Hart, Gem-A’s CEO, to not only identify this gem, but to go over the characteris… source

This week Natalie sets out to not only “Catch ‘Em All” but also to give insight into the Pokemon Evolution Stones. Join in as Natalie explains how certain Pokemon evolve from each stone, and… source