Trying On WISH Engagement Rings

Trying On WISH Engagement Rings

No I’m not getting married but I just wanted to see what quality ring you could get from WISH super cheap. I’d have to say they weren’t half bad.

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  1. Here are the links to the products so you know what to and what not to buy.

    I think you'll like XU 925 Sterling Silver Diamond Engagement Ring Fashion Jewelry Sets for Women. Add it to your wishlist!

    I think you'll like Women's 9K White Gold Plated Zircon Crystal Engagement Wedding Jewelry Ring. Add it to your wishlist!

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    I think you'll like Dazzling Brand Jewelry Genuine Natural Gemstone 6.89CT White Sapphire Birthstone 925 Solid Sterling Silver Wedding Engagement Ring Set. Add it to your wishlist!

    I think you'll like Fashion 925 Sterling Silver Diamond Engagement Rings for Women Jewelry Size 4-12. Add it to your wishlist!

  2. I've been buying wish for 3 years you get what you pay for! You couldn't buy a ring for four dollars any where else! I love the choice price been wearing them for years so I'm grateful.

  3. Lol if you do a video like this again can you please try to refrain from saying face in real I mean yes diamonds are diamonds and their the traditional stone for a wedding ring or engagement ring yet the other stones are not fake and less they are plastic they are not fake stones they are stones of their own call them by their names or don't see anything at all I truly a just irritates me when people say fake in real because it's like yours telling other women that have other stones that their rings are fake when it's not

  4. Easiest way to tell if pearls are real or not is rub them against your teeth. If they're smooth feeling, they're fake; if they're gritty, they're real

  5. Really liked this video…I've been watching your videos for awhile now… your so brave about buying and trying everything you get . I have a favor to ask of you …. since you r so brave … would you buy an try their contact lens … ? I want to try them but I'm afraid to . I'd really appreciate it. .. keep being you … ty for sharing

  6. Jestes Super πŸ˜€.TrafiΕ‚am na TwΓ³j kanaΕ‚ przez przypadek ale nie zaluje πŸ˜€.Bardzo pomagasz ludziom dzieki tym filmikom ,teraz wiem czy cos warto kupic 😍 Dziekuje ze jestes πŸ˜€πŸ˜˜

  7. In 2011 an idiot stole my expensive ring set that my husband made sure I got. It was 14k white gold. Half carat diamond center with quarter carat surrounding stones I can't remember how to describe it. Then the wedding band was white gold with a bunch of tiny diamonds on the top part of the band.

    That thing was expensive

    When it was stolen I was in tears. I had left it on the counter top to do dishes. The dude came in my home while I was in my bedroom. He nicked it and ditched. Well I said f it. I can't replace it now. I have a bunch of different wish and Joom rings. I'm a 6 no matter what. There's this one ring from wish that I absolutely adore. It didn't need clear polish to keep it from going green on my skin it is good quality. I will have to show it off. I am wearing it in most of my hauls. If someone asked me what to get to wear daily
    I'd recommend that
    And in every color. I will have to link it. A the ones you showed are nice but my favorite was $2 with shipping from wish and beautiful. (Not one you showed)

    But I love some that you showed.

  8. Hi im a new subbie 😁.
    Those rings are really pretty. I would have been pissed about that wedding set with the missing stone ugh.

  9. I’ve bought a few rings on Wish, but in rose gold. They tarnished after a week and that’s with removing them for showers, washing hands etc…But for the price they are ok πŸ‘πŸ»

  10. My wedding ring set is from Wish and I get compliments on it all the time! πŸ™‚ everyone always tells me that they had no idea it was fake haha

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